Synchronos V6

general interface

Used by many professionals in France and abroad, the solution of Synchronos dubbing developed by KinHelios became in the space of a few years a reference in the world of dubbing.

This new version brings more than 30 innovations which improve considerably ergonomics and the speed of work.


Synchronos is the result of a thorough analysis of working methods used in dubbing and post-synchronization. Taking advantage of the processing power of modern computers, the software allows you to reach professional digital dubbing while staying within your budget.

Synchronos is an efficient solution tested and used by many studios.

Synchronos 6 includes many new to simplify the work of its users :

  • Rythmo band edit tool. It is possible to cut, move or remove pieces of band to the inside of the project
  • File system simplification. Now the project is contained in a single file. Of course, Synchronos 6 can read versions V3 +, V4 + and V5 + projects and can regenerate readable files for V3 +, V4 + or V5.
  • Import since other project. You can use a part of an other project and insert it in the current one.
  • Sound record directly in Synchronos. This option allow the user to test its sentences.
  • Rythmo Video export. This export option allow the merge of video, rythmo and recorded sound in a single video.
  • Text editing simplification. Edition and sections are available in the same interface.
  • New underline mode. In Synchronos 6, text underline is not link with letters but with timecode. If you move text, the underline is always syncronized with the movie.
  • Deleting multiple texts. It is possible to remove a texts selection with only one operation.
  • Texts option changing. If you want to change texts common parameters (to show the name of actor, to change font...), a window allow you to do it on a texts selection.
  • Adjustable layers transparency. The transparency of texts can be tuned layer by layer.
  • Audio waveform memorised. Synchronos save the audio waveform of your project. The project opening is considerably reduced.
  • Increased performances. Application start 25% faster, openning project 5x faster, memory consumption 4x lower.

Detection made simple

Detection work is essential for quality dubbing, which is why two layers have been dedicated to it in Synchronos. Detection can be done using a graphic pen or typed text.

Efficient video management

Synchronos takes advantage of the possibilities offered by professional digital video. Because users work with professional digital formats, they enjoy high quality images and full control of video.

An innovative way of editing text

Synchronos offers a unique text layout tool. Each letter of a sentence can be separately expanded, allowing the user to obtain very accurate results.

Complete display and management of dialogues

Typed texts are digitized and fully managed by the software, allowing the user to make the most of digital technology. For example, files of dialogues can easily be exported or sent by email.

Complete integration in the studio

Synchronos uses standard protocols (RS422, Midi, biphase), which means that it can easily be integrated into any studio's set up. Display has been optimized to offer ease of reading and smoothness during video projection.

Discover some functionalities of Synchronos

  • Management of the scenes
  • Possibility of pointing the sentences (validated or not)
  • Cribs on the rythmo
  • Video Tracker (followed dynamic of image with the published text)
  • Ergonomic management of the points of synchronization
  • Direct text input in the band rythmo
  • Option of locking of the sentences
  • Zoom on the video
  • Manual scroll of the band for initial adjustment of video synchronization
  • Support for UNICODE characters
  • Video snapshot tools for characters
  • Option for counting text in the work grid
  • Optimized display of the rythmo in projection mode
  • Activity Monitor for connections RS422 or Midi
  • Reference mark in feet on the rythmo with posting of the timecode in feet
  • Export In/Out of the sentences
  • Importation In/Out of the sentences
  • Visualization of work grid in the software
  • Dialogues in page layout
  • ...

Functions comparative

  Synchronos Light Synchronos
Front rear and slow video playback
Video Tracker

(Dynamic help in the positioning of a text)

Positioning of text in almost 0.005s
Positioning of each letter to close 0.005s
Management of multiple languages multiple 2
Texts import
Evaluation period
RS422 Slave Remote
Midi Remote
Biphase Remote -
Detection layer -
Automatic cut detection -
Loops management -
Scenes management -
Movie waveform -
Actors array

(View and export of interventions actors by loop)

Texts export -
Sentences export in RTF -
Export scrolling text in video
Audio record integrated -
Handscript font

font thickness does not vary regardless of stretch

Band editing tool -

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