The digital rythmo band

What is it ?

The rythmo band is a scroll band on which the dialogue is written. It scrolls horizontally in perfect synchronisation with the movie.
The digital rythmo band takes the foundations of traditional rythmo band. The rythmo band is used for dubbing, voice-over or post-synchronisation.
It facilitates the work of the actor that reads texts under the synchronization red bar.

  • Requires only a simple computer
  • Simplifies the synchronous reading of a text
  • Reduction of the number of retakes
  • Decreases the studio time
  • Improves the accuracy of dubbing
  • Faster than ADR

Synchronos is the professional dubbing software most used in France. It incorporates the traditional methods of rythmo band. Synchronos was designed to cover all the trades related to dubbing. Synchronos is a unique software for the detectors, the writers and studios ...

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